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Joel S. Feigenson, MD, age 67, an intensely benevolent healer, a gifted photographer and a dedicated family man and friend, passed away on Friday, February 18, 2011 at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport. Son of Ethel and Abraham Feigenson, he was widely known as a talented and compassionate physician. In his 40-year career as a neurologist, he was instrumental in the development of Neurorehabilitation as a medical field.

Raised in White Plains, N.Y., Dr. Feigenson attended Columbia University and then studied medicine at New York University Medical School, where he also did his residency in Neurology. Dr. Feigenson created the Stroke Unit at the Burke Rehabilitation Center and wrote the first chapters on Neurologic Rehabilitation in the standard textbooks for neurologic training. After joining Associated Neurologists in Bridgeport, he designed and directed dedicated inpatient rehabilitation units, first at Park City and then at St. Vincent’s Hospitals. Dr. Feigenson was also medical director of Rehabilitation Associates since its founding, providing outpatient rehabilitation throughout the area, and was a Board Member of the Stroke Council and the American Society of Neurorehabilitation. Throughout his career, Dr. Feigenson touched many lives as a healer and teacher. One colleague wrote, “He is so smart and gifted. He has taught all of us to think critically and out of the box. He has made us all better health care professionals and more importantly, better people.” He was known for his keen, intuitive diagnostic sense and human touch.

Many also know Joel Feigenson as a talented photographer, whose jazz portraits were most recently exhibited at the Fairfield Public Library. They are sensitive renditions of the musicians and the music they play, as are his digital interpretations of landscape and auto-mobiles, another passion. He maintained a website at

In loving memory of Joel Feigenson, Nova Sports Group reaffirms its commitment to advancing the greater interest of the global footballing community and working towards the betterment of the players, clubs and professionals with whom we work.

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